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Seaboard GRAND  Studio



37 Keywaves

2 pedal ports

Lightweight case

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Seaboard GRAND  Stage



61 Keywaves

3 pedal ports

Lightweight case

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Seaboard GRAND  Limited First Edition



88 Keywaves

3 pedal ports

Lightweight case & bespoke stand

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Inspiration at your fingertips.

The Seaboard is a radically new musical instrument that reimagines the piano keyboard as a soft, continuous surface. In realising this powerful concept as a refined product, we have brought together years of innovation on several fronts. The Seaboard’s polyphonic pitch bend, vibrato and per-note dynamic changes are all available at your fingertips, marrying the intuitiveness of a traditional instrument with the versatility of digital technology. See what the Seaboard can do, or look at our FAQ.

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Continuous touch enables you to sound a note and then take it on a musical journey, modulating its pitch, volume and timbre through one continuous gesture. The unique form of passive tactile feedback offered by the Seaboard makes it easy to sense the slightest change in pressure, thus offering a far more organic experience than traditional aftertouch.
Adjusting pitch is as natural on the Seaboard as it is on a string instrument. Slide a finger to the left to lower the pitch of a note; slide it to the right to raise it. The smooth feel of the playing surface lets you easily glide from one keywave to the next, or apply a nuanced vibrato to any note.
With the Seaboard, you can continuously adjust the volume and timbre of each note with the subtlest changes in pressure. Press harder and the note crescendos, soften your touch and the note will soften to match. And with individual volume response to each note, the dynamics it enables are as expressive as they are intuitive.
Running along both the top and the bottom of the playing surface are smooth pitch ribbons. They make it easy to start playing one keywave, then slide to any other keywave you choose in one fluid gesture, even allowing multiple notes to glissando independently at the same time.

Complexity made simple.

The SoundDial is the only control you will need to adjust the sound of the Seaboard. A continuous rotary control, it allows you to shift between sound presets, with the subtle LED ring showing you exactly which presets are currently in play.
We are currently developing a full-featured audio engine for the Seaboard called Equator, designed specifically for the Seaboard's multi-dimensional control. When we release it, the Seaboard will require no external audio devices to create music: just plug in a pair of headphones, or connect it to an amplifier, and you'll be ready to go.
Our feature roadmap for the Seaboard GRAND software includes a complete control package for the Equator synthesis engine. You will be able to design and share sound palettes which can be uploaded to the SoundDial. As well as creating sounds, we are developing features that will allow you to tweak the touch response settings to suit your individual preferences, and see exactly what you are playing with a unique visualiser.
The Seaboard can be used to control any software instrument, using MIDI. We are also developing a new procotol called MDC. MDC stands for Multi-Dimensional Control, and is a new system to enable communication between richly expressive musical devices, taking full advantage of the nuanced control the Seaboard offers.

Engineered for performance.
Crafted for posterity.


The Seaboard GRAND brings together the best in traditional instrument craft and contemporary technological design. Through mindfulness, craftsmanship and collaboration our designers and engineers have refined and optimised the Seaboard GRAND over the course of four years.


The Seaboard was invented in London and developed in London, and we are proud to be making the GRANDs right here in London too. We painstakingly assemble and test each Seaboard GRAND in our Dalston workshop-studio, enabling us to care passionately for each detail and guarantee the quality of every instrument we make.